Wednesday, December 20, 2006

a year in the life

Here we go. Thought I might try and do something fun! Beki, who has inspired me a great deal lately, had this idea first. So wonderful, I think it needs to be repeated. It has been an eventful year in the Wise household. With Will's illness, it continues to challenge and focus us daily. The changing of the year gives me the chance to look back at what was important, funny, and just blog worthy. Here are the first posts from each month of this year!

January: Welcome to 2006!

February: There is nothing better in this life than playing in a blanket fort with your three year old son.

March: We had a fabulous time at our church last night for Shrove Tuesday

April: What a weekend! It was amazing! We have been blessed the past two weekends with our families.

May: This is one of the funniest commercials I have ever seen!

June: The Clematis finally bloomed!

July: We had a great trip to Ashland Nebraska this weekend.

August: Just got home late last night from our vacation in Colorado.

September: When pipe cleaner crafts go horribly wrong!

October: Happy birthday small boy!

November: Can anyone say sugar hangover?!

December: On the first day of Christmas...

Sooooooooo there you have it. Some funny stuff, some serious stuff, some boring stuff. Life.


Amanda said...

What a great way to look back and remember your year!

beki said...

Wasn't this a fun activity? I wish you many good things in the year to come.