Sunday, December 31, 2006

a big girl and a new year

I don't post about just one child very often, but this has been a big weekend for a little redhead. Morgan took her first communion from her grandfather in Wichita this morning. She was so excited. The poor thing has been so patient. She wanted her Grandpa to serve her first communion, and this required waiting until he returned from Iraq. There simply is no relationship in this world like that between a granddaughter and her grandfather.

This precious little redhead has more hugs than any one person I know. At almost 8 years old, she still readily finds a lap and a snuggle. This could be one of my favorite traits of hers! Her pureness and sweetness of heart makes me hopeful and happy about the new year. Thanks for everything my wee little red.

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beki said...

That is so sweet!