Thursday, December 14, 2006

nutcracker preview

The Nutcracker season will be over in a few short days, so if you are in the area...come and see! Dress rehearsal and pictures were tonight. Its hard to explain the enormity of this production. The kids are a part of the auxiliary cast. There is a company professional dancers for most of the major roles, but the expectations on the aux cast are just as high.

This is a pic of Morgan with a buddy who has been in the past 4 Nutcrackers with her. If you look closely you can see that his hair is every bit as red as hers! He plays the trumpeter during the battle scene and Morgan is the mouse who wakes up Clara (Sarah below plays Clara).

Just wanted to add a brag shot to a disjointed, tired and rambling post. Morgan's hair has to be "just so" to fit under the hood of her costume. A bun makes them look like cone headed mice! She got a kick out of the braids, and I think they will last for a few days. Well, off to bed. I have ringlets to curl in the morning and the show must go on!


mary said...

How on earth did you get Morgan's hair to look like that? Great job!!!!!
Nutcracker pics are great! Can't wait to see it.

ke said...

these are great. i'm so sad to miss it! the girls are growing up!

Elly said...

Love the pics! have a great Christmas!