Friday, June 29, 2007

i couldn't resist

I know I said I was going out of town and wouldn't be posting again till next week, but I couldn't resist! There has been too much goodness in the past 24 hours! The family went estate sale hopping late morning yesterday. Isn't that cool? All of us really enjoy the treasure hunting! The bowl above is a gorgeous German China pattern that I simply adore. But get this. The vintage trim (and I only pictured a very small sampling) was 50 cents a bag! This gal had packed about 30 packages of unopened rick rac and lace and shell braiding in each bag. Be still my heart! I think some of this may be shared with my sister.

Something else to be shared with my sister is my new friend Spotty. Ain't he cute? Her wee babe will love him for sure. Hopefully as much as I do!

Because that wasn't quite enough goodness for one day, we found this solid wood bench as well. It was originally marked at $60 (a steal at that because of the quality). It had already been marked down to $30. I felt the need to at least try to haggle down a bit (just cuz) although I was more than willing to spend the $30. I asked him if he would deal and he winked his eye and said $25. WOW! Alright, again I was MORE than willing to pay that price but I felt compelled to say "would you take $15". What was I thinking!!! After a long silence...he smiled at me and said "sure, why not". Squeal with delight!!!! And doesn't it look great with the glass and hooks?

And I couldn't post without letting you know how my vacation is going so far. So its not really a "vacation". We are moving my brother to seminary. I was given the dubious task of picking up the trailer in a small town between Wichita and Topeka. And that's where we met Ernie. We love Ernie. He is 87 years old and has owned a service station/ Uhaul rental place for the past 47 years. He helped us with our trailer and we spent a delightful hour listening to his stories of WWII and the army Air Corp. Can I tell you how much I love small town America? More to come when we get back home next week. Off to more adventures.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

heading out

These little bags were out of my sewing machine for about 10 minutes before they disappeared. Sorry for the dark pics, but they were finished at about 10pm and left my home before 11pm. Not without pictures!! We had good friends visiting from out of town this week, and couldn't leave without a little bit of hand made goodness. The bright patchwork (looked cuter without the flash) is a combo of some of my favorite prints. Can you spot the Amy Butler? This was lined with the orange strip with a sweet aqua pocket inside. The fabric for the wristlet was picked out by her 14 year old daughter. Good taste Jess!! So fun. I love having a bustling house full of guests. And I really love friends who would just as soon talk to me over the sewing machine and a margarita!

We are taking off for a long weekend. My brother is entering seminary and we should have a really cool road trip! More pics at the first of the week!

Monday, June 25, 2007

flowers and finds

Our local florist does a wonderful five dollar friday sale every week. I simply adore this! Usually he has lilies and carnations and daisies. Every once in awhile he mixes it up a bit however. This week he had a dozen roses for five dollars. And they were the most amazing colors! I snatched up the last 2 dozen. One set was a soft pink and the other was an amazing peach color. The whole house smelled amazing this weekend! There are few things that make me as happy as fresh cut flowers. We have a few in our garden, but I truly wish we had more cutting flowers. Maybe next year. Do you all have a favorite cut flower? I'm trying to expand my horizons!!

A few month back we made a trip to Atchison, Kansas and had a blast at Nell Hill's. This place is amazing! If it were any closer to Topeka we might have issues! As it is, it is a lovely day trip. I found these darling glass pieces there and my darling husband hung the hooks for me that I found at a local antique store this weekend. Any ideas about what to out in them? I thought maybe lavender. Or beads. I just don't know yet! The broach and earrings were found at an awesome garage sale this weekend. $5 for the whole bunch. Wouldn't they look cool on a purse? Hope you all had as good of a weekend as we did!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

a home for the stash

Thanks to my darling husband, I now have a lovely home for all of my sewing "stuff". After a few tries I decided that taking apart and painting this thing was not one of the gifts God had given me. I figured I would have to do it in shifts and it would likely take a great long time and alot of words my children don't know yet. I took the kiddos to a movie on Monday and when I returned it was nearly finished! I was sooooo excited! And look how awesome it turned out! After a day to cure my fabric settled into its new home. You have to understand, all of my fabric and notions have always laid in boxes and baskets on the dining room floor. You know, maybe that's why the darling husband finished it so quickly. Hmmmmmmm. I don't really care why, I'm just so thrilled it is done! Best $20 garage sale find ever!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

its heatin' up...time to make blankets

Okay, that sounded even funnier when I wrote it down. Isn't it natural to think about make a whole load of blankets when the temp is reading over 90 degrees? So I tried my hand first at a light weight, low loft quilt. The girls love it and couldn't wait to have it done. Maybe a new quilt for each in their future...hmmmmm. This one only took me about 6 hours over three days. You can kinda tell. A few minor imperfections ( a busted walking foot is partly to blame), but that adds to the charm right? I just realized that its hanging kinda funny on that fence but I just couldn't pass up the blue sky in the background!!! It was an amazing day today and Will enjoyed his Father's Day watching the US Open Golf Tournament all day. He's pretty easy to please!

A new batch of baby blankets were in order as well. Folks are having babes like crazy in Will's office. I usually like to have a few on hand just in case. Not to mention the huge sale on flannel at JoAnn's this week. $2 a yard. Had to finish off some of my current stash to justify buying more. Its a sickness I tell you! Is a fabric fast in my future? I hope not!!! Maybe a diet however. Maybe. After the sale. Have I ever told you about my success rate with diets? Not a pretty picture.

The hot weather prompted a trip to the pool on Saturday with my sis, her hubby, and their babe. But first we wakled through the neighborhood hitting afew few garage sales and enjoying the sun. Then for some tacos (yum) and cilantro lime rice (double yum). We headed over to the club for as swim and the boys played 18 while we lounged in the sun. So much fun! Charlie wasn't quite sure baout the water, but I think we decided that he didn't dislike it. I love spending time with my sister and her sweet family. Thanks for a great weekend guys!!!

:::charlie and the kiddos:::

:::can't decide what is better...the cheeks or the eyes:::

:::what an awesome aunt:::

Friday, June 15, 2007

i heart carol

When I was growing up the first show I remember watching religiously was not Sesame Street or Mister Rodger's Neighborhood. It was The Carol Burnett Show. Probably a bit blue for a 5 year old, but it has always been one of my favorite shows EVER! As a child it was probably her funny voices and Tarzan yell. Today it is her ability to make me laugh. And not just giggle. Belly laugh. Tears running down your face laugh. Those can be hard to come by and always greatly appreciated. God love You Tube. Check out the two clips above. If you are not crying at the end of the second clip you are stone cold!!!!!

Enjoy your weekend! Hope you have a laugh!

Monday, June 11, 2007

this thing called blogging...

Every once in awhile I just get overwhelmed by this whole blogging thing. It is almost impossible for me to put into words what I personally get out of this cool blog world. Yeah, its an amazing introspective tool, a way for me to keep track of our busy lives (scrapbooking has never been one of my strongest talents), but it really is so much more than that. I mean some of you folks inspire me, make me think, make me laugh, push me to be more creative, and allow me to peek into your amazing lives. Thank you so much for that! I have learned so so much about amazing folks I would NEVER have met any other way. Take a few minutes and click on those links above. Each one of those people have had an influence on my life. Most I have never met, and likely will never meet. I will however call them my friends! I mean how cool is this anyway! Thank you all for blogging! Thanks for taking time out of your lives to post about what is going on in your part of this world. It really does make a difference. You have expanded my world!

Alright, now that I have the "geek-meets-sappy-girlie-sentimental" part of my personality is done blogging I thought I would leave you with a few things. I love sunsets like this one during the summer. A VERY cold beer and a chair on our front porch. Our neighbors walking with kids and dogs and bikes in tow. The air getting a bit crisp and fireflies dancing across the yard. Can you tell how much I love the summer? And did I mention my Clematis? Those purple flowers are exploding this year. We had a hard freeze around Easter and they were all black and brittle. I thought they were toast and cut them back to about six inches above the ground. I always cut them back in the fall, but nothing like that. What a great surprise!

My husband and I have an interesting dance when it comes to shopping. He likes to look nice and he really does need a few nice things for work and golf and church and such. The snag is that he detests shopping and it really stresses him out! So we have worked out this system. I shop, lay out the clothes on the living room couch..not any other couch, just that one... and he goes "couch shopping". I take back what he doesn't like and he hangs up what he does! This is just one of those things a wife does for her husband to reduce stress. I am such a martyr...I will always take one for the team if it involves me shopping. Oh the things we do for marriage!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

ballet recital and the best WIP ever!

Well, my sunburn has healed (thanks for all of the tips and sympathy). The annual dance revue was this past weekend and I really don't understand what happened to my teeny girls in tuts. They were beautiful Saturday night. I'm really not one of those moms who hovers over her kids, crying every time they blow their nose. However, I did get a bit teary the other night. They have always enjoyed the excitement and movement of dance, but this year they really excelled and became "dancers". I was so proud I could have bust! Abby is the second on the left immediately above and second from the right in the back in the photo at the top. And these aren't enough picks you can out a few more over here!

:::Miss Mo:::

And here it is. Twenty dollars at a garage sale. Yes, I said TWENTY DOLLARS! Solid wood and heavy as all get out. Best WIP ever!!! I think a coat of white paint over the nicks and dings will make for the perfect fabric stash hutch EVER! I couldn't believe it! Gotta give the credit to my mom down in Wichita. She was quick on the draw and saw the quality before anyone else could get their sticky fingers on it! I'll post as soon as it is finished and filled (that may be my favorite part).

Friday, June 01, 2007


Help!!! I'm a total idiot! We spent the day at the pool and I did NOT put on enough sunscreen! So here it is, the sunburn of all sunburns! I'm sure you all are grateful that I didn't post a picture of my thighs that are completely singed. I always use a light sunscreen on my face and shoulders. Part of my daily routine. Not quite enough for a day at the pool however. I would like to say that I totally forgot or was inadvertently burned while in the shade, but that would be completely untrue. I was poolside with my babes having a BLAST!!! I am however paying the price. The shivers and goosebumps that hurt as bad as the burn...check.

I am asking for your help. Anyone out there have a good remedy for sunburns...other than staying out of the sun? I've heard tea bags but not heard of anyone who has ever actually tried using them on a sunburn.