Monday, February 18, 2008

oh yeah, i make stuff

With all of the excitement of my random life I haven't been making much lately.  This is NOT good for my sanity.  I did however make this quilt for my sister's birthday.  That Heather Ross fabric is too yummy.  And I used a courdoroy backing so its warm and fuzzy too!  I have some baby blankets that need to be finished and a few bags rumbling around in my head.  I finally finished my taxes (gag) so I can free my creative brain again!  YEEEHAWWW!

Monday, February 11, 2008

a breath

I had the privilege his weekend of attending a vestry retreat in Atchison, Kansas at Mount St. Scholastica.  The Benedictine Sisters who reside there embraced us immediately.  My days normally revolve around kids and the house and church and laundry and dishes and ballet and friends and family and CHAOS!  I thrive on the energy of my life, but the pause I was given over the past few days was a precious gift.  In this season of lent it is right and good to pause our lives.  We attended morning prayer with the community.  They prayed for peace as they made our beds (something I never thought of, but have started doing for my children).   I know this is a hectic time of year, but try and pause... breathe.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

like snowballs i say

I really am a good wife.  My poor dear husband arrived home from work at 6am.  He said it was pretty nasty out, but I had NO idea.  I opened the garage door, good wife that I am, to shovel the driveway.  Yeah.  Three feet of snow drifted up against our garage door.  And they weren't small drifts.  The whole width of our garage.  Then about 15-20 feet out.  So I shoveled.  Then I broke our good shovel.  The other one was like, well, shoveling huge drifts of snow with a tiny shovel.  Two hours later I had about half of the driveway done.  Then snowballs started falling from the sky.  Not flakes, snowballs.  I'm done.  The husband can finish.  I am only a sorta good wife I suppose!  

Friday, February 01, 2008

i'm pretending

I'm pretending its spring.  11 degrees is never an acceptable temperature.  We are suffering from a major case of cabin fever these days.  Winter moved in early this year and isn't going anywhere soon.  Any of you guys coming up with good ideas for being stuck indoors?