Thursday, April 26, 2007

WIP :: as good as it gets

Well, this is as good as it gets. My tables was clean just hours ago and immediately began filling with new projects and ideas. Below is where most of my sewing and crafting is done. Technically this is my dining room. We have another table in our hearth we use everyday, I really don't make my family eat on the floor somewhere so that I can sew. This room is seldomly used for dining, but when we have tons of folks over as we did last weekend I have to pack it in for a day or two. I love this room because I can be a part of the hustle and bustle of our home while I am crafting. I love the energy that our life brings to my art.

Having a clean table helps sometimes. I have to start new. Look at things in a different way. Below I have a number of WIPs. Several blankets in various stages of being done. Bags ready to go up on Etsy. A few zipper pouches ready to find a new home. I wanted to post this picture while you could still SEE the top of my table. Ask me in a few days how it looks! No, really, I am ALWAYS this organized. Did I mention that my 8 year old color coordinated all of my thread and bobbins in the process? I love that girl!

Monday, April 23, 2007

abby do

Can I tell you that I just can't get enough of this girl? I know she's my kid, but she really is rockin cool. We went to the University of Kansas on Friday for a field trip to the Natural History Museum. Super cool place. You know, the dinosaur skeletons hanging from the ceiling, bees streaming in and out of an enclosed hive, an entire ROOM of bugs. And fourth graders. I was a blast! We flitted around for a bit while doing a scavenger hunt (how many monkeys in the panorama? find the stick bugs. why do we not touch the 12 foot tall bear display?). Then we headed off for lunch. Abby's class is really pretty neat. They all LOVE KU. That makes for a great start in my book. They finished their lunches in the student union (by the way, never wonder what your kid will buy when you give them money and no of Abby's classmates got 2 bags of chips and a bag of skittles for lunch along with her Dr. Pepper. gag.) and then walked in the highlight of the day. The bottom right picture is it. Kansas Jayhawks Center Sasha Kaun comes in for what I am sure he was hoping was to be a quiet lunch. One little guy spotted him, and it was all over. He was gracious enough to answer a few questions and get a picture taken. They were on cloud nine I tell you! The picture is on the bottom right!

After her field trip we managed back into the classroom and it was her turn to present her "invention". She invented a sleep over kit. One you can keep packed and just grab in case of an emergency sleepover. That child is so so animated. Has been since she was a babe. She used a pillowcase (i made) with pockets (i made later) and a draw string to close (made that too...see a pattern here?). She really did think of everything. Flashlight, pjs, pillow, blanket, chocolate, toothbrush, toothpaste, washcloth, and stuffed animal. Smart girl. And rockin cool. Love her.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

real mums

Guessing by the name of the post, this was originated on the other side of the pond. Sounds like fun, so here it goes! I have been a mom for 10 years now and I have to say they have been the most fulfilling and most challenging years of my life. Stephanie writes a super cool blog that I read all of the time. 10 things about being a "real mum"...hmmm...can I really narrow it down?

Real mums...

...don't flinch when their child throws up in their bed at 3am

...laugh even when their 4 year old's joke has absolutely no punchline

...listen without judgement

...snuggle with a child who no longer fits on their lap

...dries tears from scrapes and falls and broken hearts and bad days

...bake dozens of cupcakes for school birthday parties (even when 2 hours of baking really doesn't fit into the schedule)

...vacuum, wash dishes, do laundry, clean floors, dust (ok maybe not always), scrub toilets, makes beds, do laundry, cook dinner, do laundry (did I say that already?) a taxi from home to school to ballet to choir to church to friends and so on and so forth

...make handmade gifts for their children's teachers and friend's birthday gifts (ok that's a bit selfish, I enjoy that part too much)

...kiss and hug and love always...always...always...always

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

new bags

First and foremost, thanks for all the blog love about my new shop. I was really touched. I truly always appreciate all of your comments. It seems to always brighten my day. The fact that you take that extra 2 minutes to say hello or leave an encouraging word (or a smart ass guys know who you are) gets me all teary. Sniff..sniff...dab...dab. Alright already, on to the important stuff.

A productive weekend and we have bags! The big accomplishment...I learned how to put in a magnetic clasp! Why didn't anyone tell me that it was so easy? I plan on putting them up at etsy once i get individual pictures. My camera battery died immediately after taking this shot! I really should pay more attention to those things. Anyway. I have had a flurry of things going on behind the machine. A custom order for 7 blankets - it bit more than usual, but I'm almost done. A husband who seems to think he needs a cabana shirt - need I remind you we live in KANSAS, the nearest cabana is thousands of miles away. And on top of all that I have about a half dozen other projects in WIP status!!! I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

she's here!

After much thought and debate, my Etsy shop is up and running! This was a huge step for me! I have sold very few of my own creations. I have a tendency to give them as gifts or selfishly keep them for myself. But no more! I hope you all like what I have posted.

I have been working on some handbags and baby blankets that should be posted by midweek at the latest. I have always sewed and crafted for purely selfish reasons. It makes me feel good! My loving husband knows that my fabric addiction is far cheaper than therapy! Craft therapy...everyone should try it! Certainly would make the world a more creative place.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

new fabric stash

Parker and I headed out to the local fabric establishment yesterday and found some awesome prints not currently in my stash. How could that possibly be true? I do have to say that my stash has dwindled a bit lately, and it is truly hard to be inspired when you are looking at the same old colors over and over again! Oh the ideas I have for these! I thought some of the fun chicken print may end up on a twirly skirt. The others may be bags or table runners or placemats. Oh the possibilities are endless! Which one do you guys like the best? Any ideas on other projects? Happy Wednesday all!!

Monday, April 09, 2007


Happy Easter everyone! I can officially say that I have come out of Easter with my sanity somewhat in tact (whatever I had in the first place that is)! I finished all of the kiddos Easter buckets (albeit at midnight Saturday night), hosted my family for Easter dinner (which was great...we did steak and potato salad rather than more traditional fare), and managed 460+ people for Easter services in the tent. Whew. What a holiday. One I will never forget for so very many reasons. I really learned to appreciate the conveniences we take for granted. You know, like going to a church with indoor bathrooms! It was amazing to spend a day that included so many people that I love so much. The spirit and love in the tent on Easter morning was thrilling. These people have stuck together through so much already. And they were still excited to be together on our property for this special day. The week didn't go quite as easily as Easter Sunday. We had sub freezing temperatures and 40 mph winds a good chunk of the week. I always want to sit through an hour long church service outside in those conditions. But people came to services all week in their best fall football watching gear! It was a hoot. It was great.

Now on to my fam. They really are pretty great. They all came into town on Sunday. It was the first time we had ALL been together EVER! We haven't seemed to pull all of us into one spot since Charlie was born. Dad preached in Wichita, Kerry and Clark came in after church in KC, and Ben and Janielle came to church with us. My mom brought up tons of fun eggs and gifts and the grandkids were adequately spoiled. It was so calming to watch the guys cheering for the Master's, my sis feeding her brand new babe, and the older guys running around the house in shrieks of laughter! I have never felt so blessed in my life. Hopefully I will be able to get a bit more crafting done this week and post more than just this once!!!

:: How many cameras do we need? ::

Monday, April 02, 2007

st david's mighty tent

Well, everything I have worked out on paper over the past few months is here. The tent is up and we had our first services in it this weekend. After a ton of rain, winds up to 40 mph, and mishaps with the trolley (that is another story for another day...lets just say I was a few phone calls away from completely losing my mind) Sunday was an amazingly beautiful day. Not a cloud in the sky. Only a gentle breeze. It was perfect. The picture above is what is left of our church after an arson fire in November. This past Sunday was the first time we had worshipped on our own property since November. It was wonderful to be home. The picture below is of the 120x40 foot tent that has been erected in our parking lot. It will seat about 400 people. What an amazing sight to see that going up.

On Palm Sunday every year we march down to the First Christian Church along with several other churches in our area for the Blessing of the Palms. This is a walk beyond description really. We live in Topeka. A well known group of picketers reside here as well. They picket against the Episcopal Church, soldiers coming home from war, and funerals of those who have died in Iraq. Not a nice group of folks really. They accuse all of the above of being gay and sinners against God. The sign they hold are almost pornographic and say things no one should even have to read. They line the street leading up to the Blessing of the Palms every year. And every year we walk the gauntlet. One of the reasons we wanted to be back on our own property so badly during this season was to walk with our community in unity. In unity against hate and destruction. We wanted to show that we were stronger than any arsonist and any other group that has hate so firmly planted in their hearts.

::Procession to First Christian Church::

:Blessing of the Palms (Abby and Momo in blue robes)::

::The Holy Golf Cart...hey you gotta have some fun too!!::