Thursday, June 26, 2008

don't have a stroke

Yes.  This is the third time I have posted this week.  No one die of shock. My track record over the past few months has been pathetic at best.  But I think I may be getting some creative mojo back.  I started with some small projects.  Those work best for me.  And Erin inspired me to make a new camera strap.  I made one a few years ago  when I first got the camera, but I like to change things up a bit.  Can you believe I am as ADD about a stupid camera strap as I am about the purses I carry and shoes?  Okay, maybe not that far of a stretch.

Above is a bit bigger project.  Soon it will be the red heads new bedspread.  Its simple and pink.  Just the way she likes it.  If only I were sewing it as fast as she would like. So here's to some renewed crafting.  I am a MUCH happier person when my sewing machine is humming and my children are not staging some sort of a mutiny.  Aren't we all?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

new wall art

I pretty much love putting fabric on my walls.  Any excuse to use my favorite fabrics is usually okay with me.  But this was too easy.  Almost too easy to call it a craft.  But I love the way they turned out.  Here's how:

Choose the most awesome fabric that you totally love.  Cover an inexpensive canvas.  Pull out the ever handy staple gun.  Secure on the back.  Duh.  Too easy.

I secured a few pics of the flint hills to the canvas with plain silver thumbtacks.  I may make another one of these to use as an inspiration board next.  God knows, it will likely take another 5 minutes out of my day.  And as summer rolls along, I'm all about fast crafting.  Hope you all have been able to get a few fast projects done as well! 

Sunday, June 22, 2008

is it summer yet?

Oh heaven's yes.  Yes it is.  We have momentarily traded storms and rain for heat and humidity.  Dude.  I hate humidity.  There is nothing cool about walking out of the house and having your hair plastered to your face with sweat immediately.  Is it fall yet?

Luckily we have a fabulous pool membership with lifeguards that spoil my kids to pieces.  Pretty sure they would live there.  The guard above was on her break and the first thing she asked was if Parker wanted to go off the diving board with her.  She caught him about 7,234 times before she had to go back to her chair.  I suppose cocktails in a lounge chair isn't such a bad way to spend these hot days.  Maybe some crafting this week.  Maybe. 

If you are interested, the summer ballet intensive recital was last Friday and I have posted scads of pics on flickr (click on badge at right).

Sunday, June 15, 2008


The past two weeks have been full of tights, ballet shoes, and leos over here.  I know that's pretty standard here in the Wise house, but the past few weeks have been a flurry.  See if you can follow this.  Morgan has had a dance camp for 3 hours 5 days a week.  Abby has had a workshop for the same amount of time  These times run back to back.  So 6 hours.  Abby has another week of her workshop.  Both girls have 4 weeks of classes in the evening, Monday and Wednesday.  Abby helps with a class on those days as well.  That adds up to  34 hours a week.  Anyone wanna know what we have been up to?  Yeah.  That's about it.  The pi above is of Miss Mo during her presentation.  She did such an amazing job!  A few more weeks to go.  Then no more stinky tights for a month and a half!  Hooray!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

i have no idea

...what it was that I planted last year.  I threw down a few packets of seeds.  They never really did much last year.  But boy howdy if they didn't take off this year!  However, I don't have the foggiest clue as to what I planted.  Mommy brain or something.  The top flowers are everywhere.  Just a million of them in the bed.  The flowers are so sweet and delicate.

Now this one is really confusing me.  The tallest stalk is nearly 5 feet.  The deep colored blooms just opened yesterday.  This is my secret garden.  Only because I never know what's going to come up!  Some of you are just masters at this stuff.  Please help!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

rainy days and mondays (on tuesday)

The fact that I wrote this Monday post on Tuesday should let you know how the past 24 hours have gone.  The day started with 2.5 inches of rain in an HOUR!  We don't really have a stream running through our front yard on a normal day.  But this day would not prove to be normal.  My sister came into town with her babe (a very good thing).  A little chaos.  A little homemade ice cream.  Pretty good.  Oh except Parker had a filling yesterday and had a reaction to the sedation they gave him.  Threw up in the dentist chair and everything.  He cried all evening and then got a random burst of energy which landed his head square on the corner of the desk.  He say that it was the baddest day EVER! 

Today we got the news that my dear hubby will be making a move back to shift work.  This is NOT my favorite news.  It means me having to take 99% of the parenting duties back.  We did this for 7 years.  We can do it again.  Just not looking forward to it.  But there has to be a sunset at the end of all of this right?  Like the sunset after the storm yesterday.  I could use your prayers and support right now.  Sigh.  Here we go again.

Monday, June 02, 2008


End of may. Beginning of june.  Yup.  Time for ballet recital.  They did sooooo well!  I was a beaming mama all night long.