Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I know, I know. As tradition has it WIP posts should be on Friday. But I gotta lotta WIPs! And I gotta lotta scrumptious fabric to work with! Oh where to start! The fabrics above are for a few wee quilts for some of my favorite babes. The Dick and Jane fabrics? So lovin them. And they are so so soft. My machine glides through that stuff like buttah. The middle is a little jacket I'm working on for my red headed sweetie.

And what are these fabrics you may ask? Maybe some bags (okay so that's really not a maybe). Maybe some pennants. And the last bunch? Oh yeah, that's gonna be my new lap quilt. Selfish sewing. Gotta love it!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

have you ever...

Have you ever had a week that just got away from you? Like a blink and 7 whole days are just gone? That's what happened to us this week. I took an inadvertent little blog break because of it. I just looked and my last post was almost a week ago! What? How did that happen? Wanna know? Let me tell ya.

I am thrilled with my new wood floors, but I never realized that they came with a terrific amount of DUST!! Like an ungodly amount. I spent Monday and Tuesday wiping down all of our pictures and cabinets and appliances. The entire first floor was a wreck. Then I proceeded to clean this new floor. On my hands and knees. Clean as a whistle. Guess what we forgot. The air filter. Tuesday night my little guy woke up in the middle of the night unable to breathe. I'm not talking a little congestion. I'm talking full on turning purple, gasping for air. Scared the crap out of me. I have never driven so fast in my life. Poor guy was scared out of his mind. They gave him a breathing treatment as soon as we swooped in...oh by the way nurse...he has a mitral valve leak...and that adrenaline you just gave him is skyrocketing his heart rate. AAACK! Needless to say he is just fine now and after 36 hours of no sleep I am too. His doc said it was likely an allergic reaction to all of the sawdust.

And we have had company this weekend. And Nutcracker auditions. And a lawn that I'm sure has been growing jungle animals. In other words we don't have much going on! I did have time time to finish a new pleated bag (for moi) and make an awesome quiche. Whew. I'm beat.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Its done. My kitchen, hearth room, and entry have all been successfully floored by my darling hubby!!! And they look fabulous. The color and grain are just making me smile! I had my panic moments when the fridge was in the living room and every inch of the house was covered in sawdust. But boy was it worth it!!!! And what did I do while he was hard at work on the floors? Why paint the bathroom of course. And I love it!!!! The color is called reflecting pool. And it is just scrumptious!

In the middle of all of this my order from Superbuzzy showed up! I hadn't originally intended that fabric to go in the new bathroom, but isn't it perfect? Now if only all the trim was up and the sink top was actually on the sink in that bathroom we would be good. But I ain't complaining! I think there will be much sewing in my near future so stay tuned for further developments!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

fun with my fellas

Nine years ago today my dear hubby and I tied the knot. We were babes. What a leap of faith! And what amazing things have happened in the past nine years. We were college students working in a local sports bar. Friends long before we got married. But the stars must have been aligned. I had boldly stated that I was nowhere near ready to be in a relationship. I mean I shouted it from the mountaintops! I had a newborn and we were going to make it with or without a MAN! Apparently, with a man was in our cards. And so glad he was. We fell in love against the odds and grew to be a family. I could never have asked anyone to love me or my daughter more. A beautiful summer wedding and another pregnancy right away. Sigh. We weren't quite overwhelmed enough! But we always seemed to pull it together when it counted. We worked through school. Had our third little guy. And went through any number of dramas and hard times. Thanks for the past nine years babe. Thanks for the laughing. And the card games. And coming to church when you haven't slept in two days. And tucking the kids in every chance you get. And thanks for loving me. I will never be able to express how much this man means to me!

Now that I have finished the super sappy portion of this post, I will move on to a happier subject. THE GIRLS WENT BACK TO SCHOOL TODAY. Whew. They were soooooooo ready. The past few weeks were a bit touchy. And now I have just my fellas at home today. Parker and I are trying to stay out of the way. You see, that man I installing new hard wood floors as we speak! More pictures of that to come!

Monday, August 06, 2007

yes please!

Thanks a ton for all of the encouraging words the past few days. The decision is in...I'm going to try it! If I fail miserably at least I have most of my gifts finished for...uh...forever. I think it will be a blast no matter how it goes!!!

A good friend of mine's mother passed a few years ago and her aunt passed just a few months ago. She has been going through all of the contents of their house (they were twins and lived together). There was a ton of jewelry. Lots of old lady stuff. And fabric. And notions. And she asked me if I might have any interest in any of it! YES PLEASE!!!! And a box came walking up to my front door the other night. She said she really didn't think I would use it because it was all so old. Mostly from the late 30's and 40's. A few things from the 50's she said. As I wiped the drool from my chin I said I would take a look. The entire box was filled with butter tubs FULL of vintage buttons! And baking pans full of ric rack and lace and tape!! And then I saw the transfers!! They are about the most awesome things EVER!!!! I may not recover from this one!!! She was ready to throw it all out! Oh my!

And one more she was leaving she asked me if I might be interested in a steamer trunk of fabric from the same time period! I think she was afraid to ask me...seeing as I was completely glazed over by the treasure in front of me. She said there were bolts and bolts of fabric from the late 30's and early 40's. I guess their family were seamstresses in the early part of WWII and the boom just following. Whew. I told her I would come over and take a look. You know, out of the kindness of my heart. So they wouldn't have to throw it away. I really am a fabric martyr you know!