Monday, July 30, 2007


So I have been thinking. And thinking. And thinking a bit more. However, it has finally come to a point where I have to make a decision. I have been contemplating setting up a booth at a local fall festival in my hometown. About 17,000 people mill through in a weekend's time. Now when this idea was suggested to me I thought it would be a no brainer and I would absolutely do it. Now however I am a bit more timid. Do I really have the talent to do this? Will anyone actually buy my baby blankets and quilts and magnets and bags and such? Its not like me to be timid and shy, but this is a big step. What if they walk by and say "what was she thinking?" What if I can't produce enough in that period of time (about 8 weeks)? I told myself I wouldn't make that decision until I finished the girl's bags for school. As you can see, the bags are finished. Sigh. Any help here? I know most of you guys have either gone to craft fairs and festivals or entered them yourself. What do you think?

Friday, July 27, 2007

crazy days

Oh my word!! Crazy days may be a bit of an understatement. We have been attending and helping to organize vacation bible school this week. Whew! What a task! We have had an amazing turnout. Since our church burned down last November, we have been enjoying the hospitality of others. This week has been no exception. The Cathedral has allowed us to hold our VBS on their grounds and their kids even attended!! The dichotomy of the children whose youth and enthusiasm permeate through the walls of such an amazing old building has been awe inspiring! If not a bit exhausting! And because we weren't sure if that would be enough this week, we are having company from California all weekend. I can't wait! The BBQs and margaritas on the patio are going to be a blast. I may however completely collapse by the end of the weekend! Send me some sanity, PLEASE!!! The pictures above are from my garden and the pictures below are from VBS. See that handsome man in the aqua shirt? That one would be mine!

Friday, July 20, 2007

things that scare me

I am scared of what is in this box.

There really is no end of things that scare me. I am a happy go lucky person 99% of the time, but behind that there is always a part of me that is scared too death. Being a mom really brings this home. I never worried so much until Abby was placed into my hands for the first time. Terrifying and awesome all at the same time. Everyday I get to look into the eyes of my babes I count my blessings. They are all happy. They are all healthy. They all know how immensely I love them. And I know how quickly I could screw this whole thing up!!!! I resigned myself years ago to the fact that I would screw them up somehow. I'm just trying to keep it to a minimum.

But I'm scared of dumb stuff too. Like spiders. And that tupperware box of I-have-no-idea-what-that-was sitting in the fridge. And being late - to anything. And roller coasters. And heights. And my husband driving too fast. And someone randomly entering my house (I'm one of those who can't watch a scary movie before bed. Mid morning...I'm fine). I'm scared that I'm not being a good enough mother and wife. And snakes. And accidentally running over something with my lawnmower (don't worry it hasn't happened yet, but we have a crazy number of baby bunnies in our yard this year). I must sound neurotic. I probably am. Aren't we all? What are you scared of?

Oh...and I'm sacred of the serger my MIL is letting me borrow indefinitely.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


We are really hitting into that part of summer when my posts get thin because the kids are fun!!! Swimming and playing outside takes first place to sewing and blogging. The summer has slipped through my fingers already. Can it be true that we have less than a month left? I swear, it took me weeks to finish this quilt (and yes I did give it to her). Something that would have taken days any other time of the year. And I have gotten fabulous gifts in the mail recently! Jenn sent me some awesome stuff for the Use What Others Have Swap. And I won an awesome wristlet from Chara! Feel the love!!! Off to the pool!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

a WIP and a winner

I really want to thank everyone who stopped by and left a comment in the past few days. Awesome. Thank you for for being a part of my life! It took me six pages to print out all of the comments for the drawing. And the winners are (i decided to draw 2 - surprise!)...

I wish I could send you all a little something!!! If you gals could send me your addresses I can get your packages in the mail (they are still in the WIP stage so no pics yet)! My email address is in my profile.

My big WIP for this weekend is a quilt for a good friend's birthday (she doesn't read this blog - I'm not sure why not because shouldn't everyone?)! I think I may be sad to part with it. I am really lovin the orange and pink and brown and blue. And the Amy Butler. And the new to me vintage. Sigh. I'm SUCH a good friend. In fact, I rock. Or at least Randi thinks so!

Aw shucks! Really? Rockin? Part of this award is naming another five bloggers who rock. This has been hard for me. There are so many of you gals I read everyday. And I think I could make a list of 100 who rock. Here a few of my favorites:

  1. Tiny Happy - Melissa was one of my first "blogger" friends. She is super talented and over the top kind. She has taught me so much about New Zealand and recycled fabrics and I adore her sweet mothering style.
  2. no appropriate behavior - Laura is a hoot. And super crafty (love the new button magnets). And an awesome mom. Her site is R rated at times and never fails to make me laugh and think every time I head over!
  3. artsy-craftsy babe - Beki could possibly be super woman. She loves her family. Works full time. And could possibly be one the most talented seamstresses I know. Don't get me started on her bags.
  4. Mayfly - Alicia is fellow midwesterner. Her art (check out her murals) floors me. I envy her talent. I have always wished I could paint like that. And because she couldn't possibly just be good at one thing, she is a fabulous seamstress and is raising two beautiful babes.
  5. Crazy Mom Quilts - Amanda makes quilts that make me melt. Wow. Check out the laptop case she made this week. She inspires me!!

All of these gals are awesome. And Randi of course is right up there as well. I really did have a hard time choosing. These gals are great friends and people who inspire me daily! Hope you all have an awesome weekend!!

Monday, July 09, 2007


Alright. I missed my own 200th post. Sigh. I honestly didn't realize I was even that close! So here it is. Post 205!!! Can that possibly be right? Its amazing to look back and see how far my life and my family and my art have journeyed in 205 posts (just under 2 years). Sometimes I post more frequently than others. Sometimes I have more to say I suppose. It does seem to flow with my creative spirit these days.

I want to thank you all for entering into my life. Some of you I have know all of my life (thanks for always reading and commenting). Some I have met more recently. Some I have never met at all. But you all have had an effect on my life. Have any of you ever tried to explain how you know me? Or any other blogger? Always a bit different. Starts like this, "you see Melissa, a friend of mine from New Zealand who I met through blogging, sent me that pair of baby booties...". Well, I think I may be done with that. You are my friends. Period. And thank you for being in my life!

That being said...sniff sniff tear...I would really like to give something back. Please leave me a comment if you read often, or even if you just peak in every now and again. I will draw a name on Thursday and send you a package of goodies. I'll ship wherever the wind blows (or the tag says I should ship it).

Thursday, July 05, 2007

i'm back!

We really and truly had an amazing trip. There was a ton of driving, amazing food, and laughter constantly. All of the ingredients for a successful vacation. One of the most bizarre things I have ever seen was the hovering swarms of Mayflies! Alicia I thought about you a whole lot! They were huge and flew right into the windshield every time we drove down by the river. The picture above was pretty standard anywhere close to the water. I was totally floored! So big. And they swarm in thousands I tell you! Big black clouds you can see from a half mile away!

The Fourth was relaxing this year. We sat in our neighbor's driveway, lit some sparklers, and enjoyed a great evening! I love the pics below. The kids were moving so fast that they were just a blur of light!