Saturday, January 27, 2007

the big 1::0

So the eldest is ten tomorrow. How did that happen? It seems like just last weekend we were bringing her home. A little piece of has snowed on January 28th for the past ten years without fail. Abby is pretty aware of this bit of trivia as well. She has been glued to the weather channel for the past week. We have a chance for flurries in the morning, so I think we are safe for another year.

Can I tell you how loud 13 nine and ten year olds are? My ears are still ringing. We went swimming early in the evening, then had 6 of these sweet gals at our house overnight. Will wussed out when they started talking about boys...went to the bar! My sanity (and my hearing) were tested and we came out the other side with "the most awesome birthday ever"! Happy birthday sweet Abby.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

family genes

I think baby charlie looks a bit like his mom...don't you?

Monday, January 22, 2007

let it snow!

After church yesterday we decided to take a few moments outside with the kiddos. Will taught Parker how to make snowballs, then promptly threw one in my direction! You can see the flying ball of ice heading toward me the picture below! I ducked out of the way just in time! It was warm enough to shovel the walk and play in the snow with a bare minimum of snow garb on. My favorite way to play in the snow. It is never quite as much fun when you feel like your nose could fall off any moment!Abby and Morgan made a snowman while we shoveled and such. Abby really loves the snow. I could barely keep her inside at all!

This is what I saw first thing yesterday morning. I love the purity of snow. You know, before it get all dirty and the kids stomp through it! So much peace in snow. So much.

Friday, January 19, 2007

charles thomas eddy

Charles (Charlie) Thomas Eddy was born this afternoon at 2:18pm. He weighed in at 7 pounds and 9 ounces. This wee babe is 18.5 inches long. And I dare say, he is one of the cutest babies EVER! He has his mamas dark hair and eyes, but he has this look on his face that reminds me of his father. Mother and baby are recovering in Kansas City. Dad, who has a wicked cold, is recovering as well!

Clark and guys will be a blessing to this child now and always. He could never have picked parents who would love and care for him more than you. Congratulations...job well done!

abby's star project and a bit of good news

Abby put together this board last night with very little help from her mother. Goes to show how much simpler her tastes are. No color...just the pics, some comments, and lots of straight lines! I loved sitting on the living room floor with her and picking through all of the old baby photos. She will be 10 next weekend. Started tearing up a bit, watching her look through her own baby pictures. What a grown up she is becoming. And I love her even more now than I did in those precious baby pictures. Never thought it would be possible.

On another note, I have been excited by the possibility of Barack Obama running for president. The more I listen to him and read about him the more I feel he could change the way politics are run the Untied States. His passion is obvious. His sincerity clear. He gives me that sense of what politics and leadership are really supposed to be. Servants and leaders...not back stabbers and bitties.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

quilt for the Kims

Sorry the color is so dark on this pic, the square for this quilt is actually light green and yellow. I finished my square for the Quilt for the Kims project just in time. It went to the post this morning! It's been fun being a part of a project on a national scale like this. Knowing that these quilts will somehow embrace those sweet little girls with the love of dozens of mothers makes me feel a bit better. There is so precious little we can do in situations like that. Empathy, love and prayer. And maybe a little quilt love thrown in for good measure.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


After seeing a growing number of my favorite blogs participating in "National Delurking Week" I thought it would be a fun time to really find out who reads this blog anyway! Its a bit scary...what if i only get one comment?! I know an awful lot of family and friends read without commenting, and that's just fine! Please drop me a line and say hello! The picture above is me with some of my family. I'm in the white tee on the left. I am the photographer, so there just are not a ton of pics of me.

I would adore hearing from you crafty gals too! I love reading your blogs each day. They inspire me!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

a little snow...time to sew

The weather here finally turned bitter. I knew it would show up sooner or later. I really do love living in Kansas. We have definite seasons...and it is definitely winter. Snow and ice and wind...oh my! But what better to do on a snowy, blowy day? Make baby blankets for wee ones to stay warm! First I finished a quick patch job for a friend. The tush hole was a bit too much...even for a college student. She found the fabric and I fixed the hole. The rest of the fabric could have gone into my pile o' scraps, but a sweet little pouch with a vintage button will be going her way instead.

You have to understand, there are 7 babies due just from my hubby's group this spring. I have 3 that are going out this week and the rest are a head start on that crew!

Kerry, if one of these tickles your fancy I may show up with one in tow this week sometime!

Thursday, January 11, 2007


This is a post with a ton of pics, but we sure had a grand time at the inauguration of Kathleen Sibelius on Tuesday for her second term as the Governor of the state of Kansas. My mom was very active in her campaign, and my dad prayed at the event! The kiddos were out of school and we made a whole day of it!

Abby and Parker in the Rotunda.

Parker loved all of the new touches and the beautiful color.

Abby was cold, but really enjoyed the music and the festivities.

And here is the old man in full dress blues. What a handsome guy! I promise...more words later!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

saint david's update

I was able to enter the sanctuary for what will likely be the last time today. The fire that destroyed our beloved church has changed our lives in ways I would never have imagined. We now attend worship at the Temple Beth Sholom (a local synagogue who has opened their doors to us). The hospitality and support from the entire community has been overwhelming. A friend of mine said recently "we lost a building and found the church". So true. People have been amazing and the spirit has truly embraced us. Dozens of other churches have offered support, organizations we have given to for years were there for us in our time of need, and even the local pizza place designated a day and gave our Resurrection Fund 15% of their profits for the day. The kids made cards for the firefighters (all but one house answered the call on that day...unheard of) and we were so teary about the whole batch we color copied them all and lined the walls of our temporary office. I cried so much (and I'm not a crier) that first few weeks I would have sworn I was pregnant. Which of course I'm not. It still hits me now and again that we won't be in our blessed space ever again...they are tearing her down within the next few weeks. But we move on. Discovering what it really means to be the church on fire...not just the church that burned down.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

a new camera and a bit of crafting

Once my dear husband finally got out of the hospital last week, I got one of the best Christmas presents I have gotten for years. We picked out this. My old camera was ok, and will still reside in my purse for quick pics, but I have been wanted something with a bit better definition. 10.1 mega pixels should do it. The strap was a bit plain (basic black) so I decided to tweak it. Some of my favorite fabric, yo-yos, and buttons from Melissa in New Zealand. Now we're talking!

I have been able to sew a bit today. In other words, I have had a few minutes to myself. Much needed! Made a few Kleenex Cozies and have a few more in various stages. May as well try to make these colds and sneezes stylish! More baby blankets to come soon. I swear, everyone at my husband's work is pregnant! Luckily, I have a few months on all of them. Hope your New Year has been good so far. Best wishes for the next 363 days.