Sunday, January 14, 2007

a little snow...time to sew

The weather here finally turned bitter. I knew it would show up sooner or later. I really do love living in Kansas. We have definite seasons...and it is definitely winter. Snow and ice and wind...oh my! But what better to do on a snowy, blowy day? Make baby blankets for wee ones to stay warm! First I finished a quick patch job for a friend. The tush hole was a bit too much...even for a college student. She found the fabric and I fixed the hole. The rest of the fabric could have gone into my pile o' scraps, but a sweet little pouch with a vintage button will be going her way instead.

You have to understand, there are 7 babies due just from my hubby's group this spring. I have 3 that are going out this week and the rest are a head start on that crew!

Kerry, if one of these tickles your fancy I may show up with one in tow this week sometime!


melissa said...

the blankets are lovely, heidi. 7 babies??!! that's a kansas-baby-boom.
great patch-up job, too... i have a few of those to do now i think of it.

Tracy said...

OK - I'm leaving my message. Since I'm one of your faithful blog readers. :) Good to see you at MOPS yesterday - glad you decided to still come!