Wednesday, January 03, 2007

saint david's update

I was able to enter the sanctuary for what will likely be the last time today. The fire that destroyed our beloved church has changed our lives in ways I would never have imagined. We now attend worship at the Temple Beth Sholom (a local synagogue who has opened their doors to us). The hospitality and support from the entire community has been overwhelming. A friend of mine said recently "we lost a building and found the church". So true. People have been amazing and the spirit has truly embraced us. Dozens of other churches have offered support, organizations we have given to for years were there for us in our time of need, and even the local pizza place designated a day and gave our Resurrection Fund 15% of their profits for the day. The kids made cards for the firefighters (all but one house answered the call on that day...unheard of) and we were so teary about the whole batch we color copied them all and lined the walls of our temporary office. I cried so much (and I'm not a crier) that first few weeks I would have sworn I was pregnant. Which of course I'm not. It still hits me now and again that we won't be in our blessed space ever again...they are tearing her down within the next few weeks. But we move on. Discovering what it really means to be the church on fire...not just the church that burned down.


beki said...

How sad, but uplifting. It's true, church really isn't about the building, but the community housed inside it.

mary said...

What a sobering picture. Amen to what Beki said.