Friday, January 19, 2007

abby's star project and a bit of good news

Abby put together this board last night with very little help from her mother. Goes to show how much simpler her tastes are. No color...just the pics, some comments, and lots of straight lines! I loved sitting on the living room floor with her and picking through all of the old baby photos. She will be 10 next weekend. Started tearing up a bit, watching her look through her own baby pictures. What a grown up she is becoming. And I love her even more now than I did in those precious baby pictures. Never thought it would be possible.

On another note, I have been excited by the possibility of Barack Obama running for president. The more I listen to him and read about him the more I feel he could change the way politics are run the Untied States. His passion is obvious. His sincerity clear. He gives me that sense of what politics and leadership are really supposed to be. Servants and leaders...not back stabbers and bitties.

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Heidi said...

Your daughter is so cute!

I love Obama. I worked on his Senate campaign and am crossing my fingers that he runs. He's sincere, intelligent, and cares about the real issues facing our country. I hope to be there when he announced on Feb. 10.