Monday, April 09, 2007


Happy Easter everyone! I can officially say that I have come out of Easter with my sanity somewhat in tact (whatever I had in the first place that is)! I finished all of the kiddos Easter buckets (albeit at midnight Saturday night), hosted my family for Easter dinner (which was great...we did steak and potato salad rather than more traditional fare), and managed 460+ people for Easter services in the tent. Whew. What a holiday. One I will never forget for so very many reasons. I really learned to appreciate the conveniences we take for granted. You know, like going to a church with indoor bathrooms! It was amazing to spend a day that included so many people that I love so much. The spirit and love in the tent on Easter morning was thrilling. These people have stuck together through so much already. And they were still excited to be together on our property for this special day. The week didn't go quite as easily as Easter Sunday. We had sub freezing temperatures and 40 mph winds a good chunk of the week. I always want to sit through an hour long church service outside in those conditions. But people came to services all week in their best fall football watching gear! It was a hoot. It was great.

Now on to my fam. They really are pretty great. They all came into town on Sunday. It was the first time we had ALL been together EVER! We haven't seemed to pull all of us into one spot since Charlie was born. Dad preached in Wichita, Kerry and Clark came in after church in KC, and Ben and Janielle came to church with us. My mom brought up tons of fun eggs and gifts and the grandkids were adequately spoiled. It was so calming to watch the guys cheering for the Master's, my sis feeding her brand new babe, and the older guys running around the house in shrieks of laughter! I have never felt so blessed in my life. Hopefully I will be able to get a bit more crafting done this week and post more than just this once!!!

:: How many cameras do we need? ::


Katie Jean said...

Those buckets are so cute! I'm glad you had a nice Easter, sounds like you had a great time.

Tracy said...

Wow! Those Easter buckets are such a neat idea. Did you use mod podge?? Also - that little baby - too cute! I love the little pudgy face sticking out from under the hood -so precious. :)

erin said...

Happy Easter! Cute buckets, Heidi!

kat said...

Such cute buckets!
Great idea.

Sounds like a perfect afternoon + day :)

mary said...

It takes as many cameras as there are adults.
It was a super fun day and I want a copy of the picture of the buckets. They were so cute.

kimberly said...

love the buckets!!
and I am ALL about steak... *jealous*

Blitz Krieg said...

I of course worked on Sunday, but we did have a nice family dinner (also untraditional, standing rib roast and baked potatoes)once I got home.

Those cupcakes kill me whenever I stop by on night run. They look soooo good.

African Kelli said...

Those buckets/baskets are so darned cute! And 460 people!! WOO HOO! That is amazing and wonderful. :) So glad you were able to enjoy such a wonderful Easter.