Tuesday, June 05, 2007

ballet recital and the best WIP ever!

Well, my sunburn has healed (thanks for all of the tips and sympathy). The annual dance revue was this past weekend and I really don't understand what happened to my teeny girls in tuts. They were beautiful Saturday night. I'm really not one of those moms who hovers over her kids, crying every time they blow their nose. However, I did get a bit teary the other night. They have always enjoyed the excitement and movement of dance, but this year they really excelled and became "dancers". I was so proud I could have bust! Abby is the second on the left immediately above and second from the right in the back in the photo at the top. And these aren't enough picks you can out a few more over here!

:::Miss Mo:::

And here it is. Twenty dollars at a garage sale. Yes, I said TWENTY DOLLARS! Solid wood and heavy as all get out. Best WIP ever!!! I think a coat of white paint over the nicks and dings will make for the perfect fabric stash hutch EVER! I couldn't believe it! Gotta give the credit to my mom down in Wichita. She was quick on the draw and saw the quality before anyone else could get their sticky fingers on it! I'll post as soon as it is finished and filled (that may be my favorite part).


Amanda said...

What beautiful ballerinas you have! There's something magical about ballet. And that hutch! I can't believe it was only $20! What a bargain--it will make a perfect fabric storage unit.

Will said...

now you just have to paint it so you can park in the garage. There I commented so back off.

mary said...

I get teary eyed looking at the ballerina pictures and I wasn't even there. Such gorgeous and talented girls.
I must admit that hutch was a pretty good deal.
Will - I know the feeling. My garage was a little tight for a while too but I couldn't resist the price. Will be nice to see in it's functional state.

lera said...

Love the ballerina photos.

And, man, what a score on the fabric hutch. Can't wait to see it's new look.

beki said...

What a beautiful ballerina you have!
Man, what a score on the hutch! I'm jealous :)

capello said...

whoa! twenty bucks?!

(and i took the boys to the pool yesterday and now i have a nice sunglasses tan on my face. urgh.)

Katie Jean said...

All the dancers look beautiful!

And $20, you just can't beat that! Can't wait to see it finished.

Stephanie said...

Oh, what a cute costume! My daughter Leah will be having her first recital next week, but her costume is a bit on the gawdy side!

Mary said...

What a great find! Score! Can't wait to see how it turns out.

And I love the ballet pics! The little missy is taking pre-ballet in the fall and I get all misty just thinking about her first recital. She's so excited and keeps telling me, "Mommy, I *need* to DANCE!

amandajean said...

what a great hutch for such a great price. a good coat of white paint will make it the most perfect fabric storage high rise ever. I am so excited for you!

Ragged Roses said...

Hello! Something about girls dancing in tutus ... my daughters both dance and every year at the dance show I promise I'm not going to cry - but it never works! They look gorgeous.
Kim x

Blitz Krieg said...

I'd love to have a go at that cabinet.

The troup looks sooo professional. Amazing what children can do now days.

Tracy said...

The girls look wonderous! We have a recital tonight - and I have to say that after seeing your photos, I can't wait to switch Girlie over to ballet. Your girls looks so beautiful and wholesome compared to what I witnessed at dress rehearsal with the same age girls on Wed. night. I'm talking fish net stockings and black leather for jazz numbers - can you believe it? I decided my goal for my daughter is not for her to be an overglorified school-aged "sex-pot" (ha!) - but to learn the art of dance. I'm coming over to your side. :)

Chara Michele said...

Can't wait to see the fabric hutch finished up:)

Anna said...

Miss Heidi-

The ballet pics are wonderful-you took good shots of those beautiful young ladies. And your own little tuckered out ballerina was very precious!

The hutch is great-that's just the kind of find MY mom lucks into all the time. In fact, I can't think of a visit from her and dad for the past ten years that hasn't involved her saying to me, "I just saw this and thought it would be perfect for you".

On another note: Now WHY have I not known how talented you were before now???? Girlfriend, I have loads of questions for you and your Etsy site-I've signed up for one, and hope to have some postings soon, but you are already there and, hopefully, full of information on how to make it the best it can be-so......we need to get together for a cuppa and talk about it!!


kat said...

your girls look beautiful. I can't wait for my little one to start.

We just spent $16.00 at starbucks and all we got were lattes + juice~

To say you scored is an understatement~ Good for you.

Mirre said...

What a great find! Can't wait to see what you do with it!