Sunday, June 17, 2007

its heatin' up...time to make blankets

Okay, that sounded even funnier when I wrote it down. Isn't it natural to think about make a whole load of blankets when the temp is reading over 90 degrees? So I tried my hand first at a light weight, low loft quilt. The girls love it and couldn't wait to have it done. Maybe a new quilt for each in their future...hmmmmm. This one only took me about 6 hours over three days. You can kinda tell. A few minor imperfections ( a busted walking foot is partly to blame), but that adds to the charm right? I just realized that its hanging kinda funny on that fence but I just couldn't pass up the blue sky in the background!!! It was an amazing day today and Will enjoyed his Father's Day watching the US Open Golf Tournament all day. He's pretty easy to please!

A new batch of baby blankets were in order as well. Folks are having babes like crazy in Will's office. I usually like to have a few on hand just in case. Not to mention the huge sale on flannel at JoAnn's this week. $2 a yard. Had to finish off some of my current stash to justify buying more. Its a sickness I tell you! Is a fabric fast in my future? I hope not!!! Maybe a diet however. Maybe. After the sale. Have I ever told you about my success rate with diets? Not a pretty picture.

The hot weather prompted a trip to the pool on Saturday with my sis, her hubby, and their babe. But first we wakled through the neighborhood hitting afew few garage sales and enjoying the sun. Then for some tacos (yum) and cilantro lime rice (double yum). We headed over to the club for as swim and the boys played 18 while we lounged in the sun. So much fun! Charlie wasn't quite sure baout the water, but I think we decided that he didn't dislike it. I love spending time with my sister and her sweet family. Thanks for a great weekend guys!!!

:::charlie and the kiddos:::

:::can't decide what is better...the cheeks or the eyes:::

:::what an awesome aunt:::


African Kelli said...

Sewing, pool time, new fabric and babies? Hello Perfect Day! So nice to meet you!

lera said...

Cute kids and lovely blankets. Perfect combination.

erin said...

the blankets are great - i'd like to hear more about how you made the low loft quilts. my girls could use some of those!

capello said...

what a fun day!

and the blankets! holy bajoly the blankets! totally rock!

and you have lots of fancy pants stitches on your machine, and it's awesome that you use them too!

Ragged Roses said...

Sounds like you had a good weekend! Love those blankets - never too hot to be making blankets! hard to imagine it's warm anywhere as it's so grey and autumnal here at the moment. Thanks for lovely comments.
Kim x

Tracy said...

The girls swimsuits are so cute. Morgan's goes great were her coloring - I guess something a girl nctices. :)

Chara Michele said...

The blankets look amazing! I don't think it can ever be too warm for pretty blankets... Okay, I just might think that right now because while it is in the 90's outside I am enjoying the air conditioning inside:)

It looks like you had a fun day!

Mirre said...

I love your baby blankets... I often make them for newborn babies too!

Blitz Krieg said...

Sounds like you do more in a weekend that we do in a week around here.

U.S. Open in Hi-Def on a 61 inch TV is almost like being there. I love watching the majors!

ke said...

thanks for your hospitality- we had a great time! and the quilt looks great finished!

Katie Jean said...

Look at you go! Love the blankets.
Sounds like a fun time at the pool

jessica said...

oh what fun all of it is.
beautiful blankets.
cute children and adorable baby.