Thursday, December 28, 2006

life as i know it may return soon!

Christmas has come and gone, and can I say that I am sorta relieved? I feel like such a grinch saying that. As some of you know, my husband Will was hospitalized for Ulcerative Colitis for 13 days (which included Nutcracker and Christmas). We are thrilled to have hime home, but it has been an interesting Christmas season to say the least. I suppose it really focused us on what is really important. The absence of a family member at this time of year was stark to say the least. Thank goodness for family. We will be celebrating a belated Christmas with Will's family this weekend, and my family still got together on Christmas day. Just wasn't the same. We really want to thank those who sustained us through the holidays. The visits from clergy at St Davids, good friends, and co workers.

And I did manage a few crafted gifts! Not as many as I was planning, but a few. Blankets for the girls and a handbag for a friend. Made another bag for my mom, but didn't get a pic before it went out! I can't wait for the rhythm of our lives to come back. Chaos has ruled the day lately, and I am a creature of rhythm. Our normal lives are busy, but its a sort of controlled chaos. joys of my everyday chaos!

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Tracy said...

Look at those beautifully happy girls! You are blessed. :)