Tuesday, October 03, 2006

happy birthday small boy

I can't believe he's four. It just can't be right. He has officially graduated from being a toddler. No more bottles, diapers, and spitup for the Wise family. A little sad if you ask me. Parker has turned into this sensitive, intuitive, active little man. He loves to play with his "guys" trains, and coloring books. And lucky for me, he still loves to cuddle up in a big chair with his mama to read a book. I keep telling him he's such a big boy these days. A few days ago he looked back at me and said, "I'm still just a small boy mama". And that's just fine with me. The baby days are over, but this sweet little blonde guy can be my "small boy" for a few more years.

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Tracy said...

What a sweetheart - there is something about that little face - it makes you want to put him on your lap, cuddle him, and feed him cookies all day. :) Let's cherish these days - they go by so fast!!