Friday, October 06, 2006

cutie patootie

Could this be the cutest pregnant person EVER! I think so. We share the same DNA, but I never looked that good pregnant. Its hard for me to see my baby sister getting ready to have her own baby. I keep thinking of how many times I did her hair before school, how she would rag tag along behind Ben and I, and how she has been the best aunt ever. I know she will be an amazing mom. I feel very blessed that God graced me with a sister like Kerry. I have amazing friends, but there will never be anyone like sister.


mary said...

She does look pretty good. Give her three more months and that basketball is going to get pretty tight.

Tracy said...

Is she really pregnant - or does she just have a ball under that shirt!! She's probably one of "those" that will zip up their size 5 jeans a few weeks after births. ha! so unfair.