Friday, October 13, 2006

wip friday

I have big plans for the weekend! I have quite a few works in progress. The fabric above is earmarked for a purse. Wish me luck on that. I just love the colors and the flowers.

Went through my small pieces this morning and got them all folded up and took a mental inventory. Forgot I had a few of those pieces...i love the jump roping little girls on the green. Parker looks excited. He started to dig into that fabric box while I was taking pics of the fabric on the table...he gave me that look unprompted. Not quite sure what to make out of it. He picked out the green jump rope and the red pattern. Says he needs a blanket for his teddy. How do you say no to that?

Of course I have the ever present pile of baby blankets to finish. All the farther I have gotten on this batch is the shopping and the washing. The washing takes about as long as anything else. I always have sooooo much laundry. Washing fabric for sewing seems to get pushed to the end of the line. Well, wish me luck. I fully intend on sewing this weekend. Of course it is Nutcracker season, Will's off, and intentions are just that...


mary said...

Wow!!! That is a lot of fabric. You have high ambitions. Good Luck! Also Love the leaves picture.

Tracy said...

I stand in amazement at your sewing skills (oh, I guess I mean sit - heh, heh). I'm not to good with a sewing machine, so I'm impressed. :) See you tomorrow, Heidi - I never talk to you much in person, just over the internet - so maybe I will come and sit at your table, eh? :)