Tuesday, October 24, 2006

pumpkin patch boys

Yes please...I'll take one of each! Isn't the pumpkin in the back about as cute as they get?! Janielle and I took the boys on a trip to the pumpkin patch today. It was windy, cold, and short lived. The boys were terribly upset when we pulled them away with their purple fingers and bright red cheeks. It really has been a perfect fall day. A bite in the wind. The leaves changing colors. Pumpkins and gourds ready to decorate and carve. The next post should have the fruit of our labor in that department. We were blessed this weekend with my family. One person noticeably missing. Ben celebrated his 30th birthday and we were all able to get together for a few days. It is amazing to me how close we all are. I could never ask for better friends than my siblings (and their spouses).

The next few pictures are of Parker's favorite spot at the pumpkin patch. I think he jumped into this hay 20 times. What fun to be a 4 year old boy!


Tracy said...

I enjoyed the hay jumping pics. Is the Gary's Berries? Oh, and -I've never heard the name Janielle before - how unique - I like it. :) See you next meeting.


mary said...

What fun! Great pics of Parker jumping and of course of the pumpkins and David. I remember going pumpkin shopping when Parker was only a few weeks old.