Tuesday, October 17, 2006

a day in the life

Aren't these guys a riot?! Went shopping with the two toe heads today ( and grandma and aunt janielle of course). Parker still isn't quite sure he's ok. He was pretty secure in being the baby of the family. Kerry's little guy is going to rock his poor little grandma centered world. I think he'll get over it when they are all old enough to do his bidding (being the oldest won't be so bad).

On to the picture of the lunch bag.

Morgan is the only one of my kids that is bizarrely picky. She's not like normal kid picky. Normal kids only like pbj and chips. Hot dogs and chicken nuggets. Not my Morgan. We have struggled with her school lunches this year. She doesn't like the school's lunches (who can blame her). She won't eat chicken noodle soup in a thermos. She won't touch a sandwich. Salad has been a good lunch item, but its wearing thin. We had a revelation Monday. She packed dry cereal in her thermos and bought milk at school. Genius. The principal called and told me she was sending her son with cereal the next day! Nutritious ...easy...she'll eat it...yup, all the things a lunch needs!


madmommy said...

My mom used to pack me a hot dog bun, then pour boiling water into the thermos with a hotdog. By the time lunch rolled around, voila! Hotdog!

Tracy said...

Funny - but very good solution. I have some pickiness over here, but not to that extent. When I make PB&J - one only likes jelly, one only likes Peanut Butter, and one likes it all. Good grief! :)

aunt jan said...

Okay, I'm thinking the pickiness might be traceable to crazy aunt jan here! Sorry about that, Heidi.