Sunday, September 03, 2006

when pipe cleaner crafts go horribly wrong

Pipe cleaners. The staple art supply of any good and crafty mom. They foster imagination. The kids were making dolls and hats and dogs and cats and all other manor of beings. Parker was so proud of his heart balloon (made with a pipe cleaner bent into a heart shape ... sorta...he is 3...and another as the string) he had to show me up close. I went from reveling in the brilliance of my creative geniuses to writhing in pain. Little man actually poked me in the eye with the pointed end of the pipe cleaner...making sure I saw how perfectly brilliant he was. I'm positive I scared the crud out of the poor little guy. To make a very long and very dramatic story that spanned across several days and included the incompetence of a Walgreens pharmacy employee short, I scratched my cornea and have been paying for it ever since. I showed up for church today looking a little glazed. The one eye looked a little lazy and not just a little like I had a few too many the night before. All is well now. The eye drops have worked and I am pretty sure that I have not crushed my child's creative spirit. I did however, throw away ALL of the pipe cleaners in the house (and my mom's house as well...did I mention this all happened in Wichita... while Will was working nights in T-town... fun drive). We are a strictly crayon and playdoh family now.

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Tracy said...

heh-heh. Ahhh .. the joys of motherhood. :)