Tuesday, September 12, 2006

project runway

I have to confess an obsession. I LOVE Project Runway. I am not a big reality TV watcher, and I am certainly not a fashionista. I am, however, addicted to this show. The characters are creative and hilarious. Tim Gunn and his "make it work". Heidi Klum, anyone with the name Heidi can't be half bad. I had to replace West Wing on Wednesday nights with something. Who knew it would be a silk lined, chartruse draped, ridiculous show like this! Pure entertainment.


Tracy said...

Man ... sometimes I wish I had cable. But, my Wed. nights are already busy - I usually have to tape my FAVORITE show LOST because I'm at AWANA club. But ... its great to find a show you enjoy, isn't it.


mary said...

All the young gals at work are obsessed with this show too. I need to watch it some day.