Wednesday, August 02, 2006

rocky mountain high

Just got hoem late last night from our vacation in Colorado. We travelled around a bit, but we stayed in Frisco, Colorado which is right on this magnificent alpine lake. What a way to wake up each morning. For those of you who remained in the midwest last week, you may want to quit reading now. The weather was amazing. The warmest day was about 76 degrees with no humidity. The clouds rolled in over the peaks at about 4pm and cooled the temps to about 65. We were driving home and I managed to make the run from Frisco to almost Limon without stopping. It was a rude awakening to step out of the car in Limon and have my sunglasses fog over! Almost sucked the wind right out of me! Look for more posts this week, because I have a ton more pictures to post and stories to tell!

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mary said...

Gorgeous! Look forward to more posts.