Saturday, August 12, 2006

is that rachel ray?

Anyone who knows Abby knows that she is obsessed with the Food Channel. Rachel Ray in particular. She wanted to cook dinner last night. And that she did. Waffles were the menu of choice. She prepped the batter and the iron, scrambled some eggs with ham and cheese. set the table, and served everything up. In the midst she even had time to be nice to her baby brother. I have never seen her so proud of herself in my life. Then came the bad news. She was basking in all of our compliments when I told her that part of cooking was cleaning up the mess. She wasn't thrilled, but she cleaned up dinner without a complaint. As she was drying the skillet she turned to me and said, "I'm exhausted. This is WAY more work than Rachel Ray does". You said it sister! I think I caught a glimpse of her future as a chef, and a mom. So very proud.


Anonymous said...

Dinner was wonderful. Dad

ke said...

i thought the person who cooked didn't have to clean up. thats the way it should be. way to go abby!