Wednesday, August 16, 2006

happy day, sad night

The first day of school. Music to my weary ears. We always have fun during the summer, but by the time mid August rolls around we are over it. The girls miss their friends, Parker misses having his mom to himself, and I miss the mind I lost in mid May. The girls were up and ready by 7am. Lots of time for a good breakfast and PICTURES.

Parker and I spent the afternoon with one of our favorite families, the Holmans. Chloe and Sophia don't start school until next Monday. I had the honor of babysitting the brood. Sophia doesn't need much babysitting, neither does Chloe, but the 7 week old twins (David in the yellow, Andrew in the blue) needed an adult in the house. Holding those precious boys made my day. Parker called them yellow baby and blue baby all day.

This active little boy had a full day. Fun with the neighbors, mommy to himself, spoiled by the Holman girls. What more could a boy need. Here comes the sad part. Poor boy was running through the hearth room and caught his foot on the ottaman. He face planted into the entertainment center. Much blood followed. As well as tears. Both of us. This picture doesn't do justice, and I have a feeling it will be black and blue in the morning. sigh. sniff, sniff.

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Greg said...

Hi Heidi! I'm finally checking out the cousin blogs (and Uncle Dave). Great site you have here! Glad to see the family is doing well. We're about ready for school to start here too. :-) Kids are going a little crazy and so is Raena. I'll make a point to get back here more often to say "hi"!