Saturday, August 19, 2006


I swear I forgot what was rain was like! Topeka has been in some magic bubble recently with all of the percipitaion moving just to the north or south. I mean really, look at my lawn. Shades of brown. What amazes me to no end is that the grass has gotten greener during the past few days of rain. I can put the sprinkler on all day and just get another shade of blah. God had to put his magic touch on it I suppose. Rain reminds of me of renewal. This time of year yields us more new things than any other time. New teachers, new lessons, new neighbors (we are sooo sad to see our old ones leave). But just as the rain adds color to the grass these new experiences give color to our family as well. So soak it up! Bring on the RAIN!

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Tracy said...

Hello Heidi - I just discovered your blog through the mopsmoms blogspot. I love to blog too. I don't know if you remember me - I've been in MOPS for several years at Covenant, but I wasn't there last year. I'll be there this year again and am looking forward to it! :)