Friday, August 11, 2006

mops time of year

The past few nights my poor husband has been neglected and frankly tired of hearing the sewing machine (it makes a wicked noise through the floor). Above are little pouch wallets I made as favors for the members of the MOPS (Mothers of PreSchoolers) steering team. We have our marathon planning meeting tomorrow. The theme for the year is "Fresh Air: What Every Mom Needs". Flowers are the main visual. The pouches carry a few packs of gum and a pen. Below are a few of the baby gifts (we have newborn triplets and a few moms still pregnant) for this year. We usually add lotion or bubble bath as well.

Once I finished the sewing components, I tackled the centerpieces. This took me a little longer than anticipated. We have 6-7 tables every year. I hate decorating differently every week, so I went for a centerpiece we could use all year. These are pots with flower pens. I took the logo from the website and decoupaged it onto the pot, then painted the rims blue (not quite as baby blue in real flash is doing weird things). Then came the task of making 60 flower pens. I'm not even going to tell you how many hot glue burns I have! Use black beans as "dirt" and 9 hours later you have centerpieces. I'm soooooo glad MOPS is starting up again! Not really sarcastic about that either. MOPS has to be one of my favorite pieces in my life. I know I will be glad that I made these when I DON'T have to make them for every meeting!


mom said...

Very nice! I didn't realize you were sewing all that as well as doing the flower pots. They are all very creative. I am very proud of you - and a little jealous------

ke said...

way to go heidi! its so good to see you "feeding your creative spirit". this seems like a lot of work but i'm sure everyone will LOVE them!