Sunday, April 02, 2006

Fulton Family Weekend

What a weekend! It was amazing! We have been blessed the past two weekends with our families. Ben, Janielle and David came in from Lindsborg. Mom and dad drove up from Wichita, and Clark and Kerry came Friday night from Columbia. We haven't all been together since Christmas! Little David has gotten sooooo big and he is now able to play with his cousins.

Love this picture, because we love us some Eddys. There is something about a sister that you simply cannot replace. Thanks for coming K-bear.

Without any prior coordination all men over 25 wore yellow shirts yesterday. They look like a bunch of Easter Eggs! Handsome ones I might add. Check Clarks shirt too. As Janielle would say, "yellow is the color of wonderful". I love being able to eat outside this time of year. Before the bugs and the blistering heat. I think we may have spent about an hour inside all day!

The toy of choice for big kids and little kids was the new trampoline. Ben went running to the backyard as soon as he pulled in. And he's going to be 30 this year , right? Got a few pics of Kerry and Ben and the kids in mid air! Even David and Grandma got in on the fun. Thanks for coming doesn't get any better.


mom said...

Good pics. It was a good week-end. I love looking back at pictures and reliving it again. You and Will are such perfect hosts too. It makes it so much more enjoyable. Thanks!

ke said...

thanks so much for your hospitality! clark & i had a great time at your place. and it is so good to see family again. i don't look very happy in that picture of clark & i, but, really i was so happy to be there!

Ben Fulton said...

Great Blog! I really had a good time, we must do it again soon!