Monday, April 24, 2006

high flying weekend

This weekend was sooo crazy, I actually had to pick a theme for this blog. We had more people in and out of town-including us-this weekend. A visit from grandparents, aunts and uncles (the wisconsin variety) along with my favorite Fulton nephew (and his parents) staying in my guest room. A "quick" trip to Wichita for grandpa's "Gathering for Peace" and mom's 60th birthday rounded out by the worst storm I have ever driven through finished off our weekend circus adventure. So you see why I had to pick a theme ( today's is flying). Posts may dribble out all week just to recap the past two days. Bubby pushed the boys on the swingset for so long on Friday night I thought his arms were going to fly off. Do you remember the sensation of flying when someone else pushed you on a swing? The complete trust you have in someone to throw you into the air?

Abby is usually my conservative "never do anything dangerous" child. The child who is literally afraid of everything. When I turned around and saw her JUMPING down a 20 ft inflatable slide I about lost my lunch. I honestly had to look twice. She had to have gone down 15 times that way. What fun to fly down a slide! Even (or especially) if its freaking your mom out.

I love this picture. Parker loves nothing better than jumping with his dad. I didn't realize how high they were going until I looked the picture. Busy weekends are like flying. Trying to keep all of the balls in the air with a smile on your face.


mary fulton said...

Boy - you can say that again. You had a packed week-end. At least you added lots of memories to your life. Good thing there are pictures and blogs so you can relive things a little more slowly over time.

ke said...

i'm glad you made it through the storm, but remember when you drove through the tornado? you're a pro at driving in bad weather! i'm sorry we missed you this weekend, we think we saw you on the highway! hope you have a relaxing week.