Tuesday, April 25, 2006

world famous topeka zoo

One of our adventures this weekend was to the "World Famous Topeka Zoo". Mind you, I think it takes 15 minutes to walk through this zoo even when you are impersonating a turtle. Much to our suprise it was a special day at the zoo when they were celebrating the Capital Journal's City of Character campaign. They set up an inflatable slide, moon walk, games, free cotton candy, and prizes. Parker was particularly impressed wit the face painting. He kept telling everyone there was a puppy walking on his face. The giraffe mask was a favorite as well. Our lask of enthusiasm was greeted with fun games, prizes, and blue cotton candy. On top of that, the animals were actually pretty frisky this weekened. The bears were awake and wondering around. The eagles were flying in their aviaries. Even the hippos were walking in and out of their water...their hard to find in the murky water on a usual day. The real suprise was the lion's cage. This lioness was lounging right in front of the window when we went in. Abby sat for this picture (doesn't the lion look like she's posing?) thinking it was really cool. Moments later she stretched and yawned - I have never seen Abby move so quickly. Just goes to show how much fun a zoo can be...even the Topeka zoo. It was pretty world famous this weekened...at least to three little kids in my family.

It is simply amazing to me how much pne family can do in a weekend. And Will was working! I think I may still have to blog one more day this week just to chronicle this past weekend.

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