Sunday, April 30, 2006

exploration place

We went to the coolest children's museum this weekend. We took the kiddos out of school on Friday to spend some quality time with the grandparents. Its always good to see them, but it was really nice to spend more than a few hours this time. Mom and I went shopping on Friday (big suprise) and we spent the day at Exploration Place with Grandpa on Saturday. The museum was huge, and full of adventures. There was a castle with dress up clothes two stories tall. There was a section full of brain teasers...that's the section where we lost Grandpa and Dad. The kids loved the section on Kansas weather, espesially the story tall tornado simulator where you can actually touch the tornado. Will had an in depth conversation with the meteorologist about weather web sites they use (like this one). I think grandpa liked the Boeing plane exhibit the best beacause they had simulators for a variety of planes and a wall covered with tiny metal pieces that would move wit the wind. He said he could have stayed there all day. By the way, he crashd and burned in ALL of the simulators. We're really glad he's a chaplain. Thanks for the great time grandma and grandpa. We sure love you guys. Good luck and God's speed to you dad on your journey.

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