Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Sewing Weekend

Don't worry...I wasn't the one sewing this weekend. My machine sure was busy though. Jan and Vicki came to Topeka with Torey over the weekend and brough their sewing know-how with them. Jan made these skirts out of jeans that the girls had outgrown or blown out the knees from constant wear. The one above is exactly like the one Jan made for Torey (15) and therefor Abby had to have one just like it. Notice the camoflauge and pink!

The detail on this shirt was hand stitched by my mother-in-law Vicki. Morgan just loves the petite feminine touches like that. I know Vicki really enjoyed sewing again and seeing the excitement on the faces of her grandchildren.

Morgan's skirt was my favorite. The jeans have been her favorite, but they were a little too short and the knee had been blown out. She picked out the trim herself and the patches were from a collection of fabric I have (just case I actually get around to sewing myself). Thanks Jan for making such neat little skirts for the girls. They love them!

Morgan wore hers to church on Sunday. She likes tights and boots, but decided the skirt would be cuter when she could wear it with flip flops and a tank top. Where did she get all of this fashion sense? Poor Parker didn't get a skirt, but asked for one - in orange. He just doesn't like to be left out. I think we decided the next project would have to be a shirt for the boy. God knows he wants everything the girls have. Poor guy had 6 girls in the house with him and a daddy at work. Estrogen overload.

Alright girls...you may have inspired me. I left the sewing machine set up and may venture to try a project of my own.


ke said...

the skirts are so cute! they look like something straight out of limited too! they did a great job. maybe i should do the same thing with some of my jeans...

Anonymous said...

I've been showing them off through this posting. I must admit I'm rather proud of them. They were so easy. Morgan LOVED picking out her own fabric and ruffle at the fabric store. You should have seen her carrying the bolt of fabric throughout the store!