Thursday, March 09, 2006

Esstials of Faith

For those of you who read my blog from T-town, I want to highly recommend the group meeting during Lent at St. David's. Will and I attended last night, and it was wonderful. The topic for the next few weeks leading up to Holy Week and Easter concerns the basis of our Faith. Fr. Don is challenging us to determine the Essentials of our Faith. We talked last night about those times in our lives when we have had turning points. And where was Christ during these times? Can we see his work as we look back? What are the essential parts of our faith that make us Christians? I could go on and on. The whole evening was engaging and thought provoking. This is important during Lent. We should evaluate what makes us who we are. What is most important? Is it essential to believe that you must be part of a community of faith to be a Christian? To believe that the Bread and Wine are literally the body and blood of Jesus? Is it important to be saved in front of a gathering of Christians? To pray every day? To go to church every Sunday and twice during the week? To be baptised with water, or is the spirit enough? These are all questions that we should intenionally ask ourselves during this time. What is essential to my faith and my journey with Christ? Why are different things deemed absolute and essential for others? Lots of questions you know the answers?

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