Friday, March 10, 2006

Mops and Pops Night

Tomorrow night we are attending the annual "Mops and Pops" night for the Mothers of Preschoolers I am in. I'm on the steering committee for this group in chatge of Hospitality. Needless to say, this is our big night. There have been three of us working to pull off a fun evening for 25 moms (who don't get a night without the children very often) and their partners in parenting. The kids are thrilled because they get to have a babysitter tomorrow night! The picture above are just a few of the decorations. The basket is a door prize with lots of fun grilling stuff. The table decorations are the fresh daisies in mustard bottles (its a picnic theme). Wish us luck and keep us all in your prayers!

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ke said...

heidi- i hope the evening went well! the decorations look great! i love the daisies, what a good idea. and the door prize, who doesn't want things for grilling? the men probably really loved it!