Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Trip to Carol Joy Holling

The kids and I went on a spur of the moment day trip yesterday to Omaha and Carol Joy Holling Camp to watch Ben and Jamie perform at a coffe house. I have some audio of this, but can't figure out how to post it. I have always loved to hear Ben sing, and he was truly in his element last night. John Denver would have been proud!

The lighting in the cabin cafe was amazing when we first went in. Morgan's hair looked like spun gold! The kids had alot of fun running around the camp. And what a beautiful day to go! A little bit brisk, but spring was in the air!

I love this picture of Ben. I think it may become one of my favorites. Nothing reflects his personality more than his music. I could have sit and listened to him for hours - oh wait, I did sit and listen for hours! Great job Bubby!

Abby had a blast playing cards and coloring on the sheets of butcher paper that lined the tables in the cafe. When we walked in the first time, I was hit with a rush of memories. The smell of the cafe was identical to the camp we went to gowing up. Maybe its just a lodge smell, or the cedar in the walls mixed with campfire. I just remembered all of the fun I had at camp growing up. Carol Joy Holling has all the making for great camp memories in the future. Thanks for the fun Ben!

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