Wednesday, November 15, 2006

pain in the neck

The past few days have been tense to say the least. As if running a house with four other people in it (and those people's said laundry, dishes, and eating needs) weren't keeping me busy enough, I have been volunteering in the church office as it is getting up and running. So, in comes crafting. I have been craving a heated pouch for neck since a friend loaned me hers after my surgery in may. Nothing clears my head like sitting in front of my machine these days.

This neck warmer is filled with rice and can be refrigerated as well if a cool pack is needed. I even made an extra, for one of my many friends with a tense neck these days.


beki said...

This is such a great gift idea. I think my mother inlaw needs one.

melissa said...

great idea- nice fabric you used, too. Hope your neck is feeling better soon!