Saturday, November 04, 2006

fun on the plaza

I love Kansas City. I love my sister. Can you think of a better day? The autumn weather was perfect. A bit of a nip in the air, but not quite cold yet. The Country Club Plaza (for those not from the kc area) is a shopping district...the shopping district in Kansas City. It is a historic section of town with amazing fountains and winding streets. Every store you could want is here! We had the most amazing gelato (thanks Kerry), registered for baby gifts, and had a great lunch. Part of the fun is just walking through the streets and window shopping! And don't get me started on Christmas! I really do miss living in KC sometimes. The cultural aspects alone are worth missing.

Our longest stop of the day was at Pottery Barn Kids. I love this store! Kerry registered for some great stuff (if you are a friend of Kerry's you can access her registry online) for sweet little Baby Eddy. The kids had a blast playing with the different wooden toys and props. Parker was especially fond of this puppet show stage and a magic set. Maybe some good Christmas gift ideas there. I know there are no crafty goodies, no major kiddo milestones in this post, but today was a great day. I really need to take note more often of the really great days. Thanks Kerry, thanks for sharing your day and your city with us.


mary said...

Okay. I am sooo jealous. I miss KC sometimes too. It is a great city. Nice that it is close enough to visit.

Tracy said...

What a blessed day. :) You know what I like about you, Heidi ... the way you thankfully celebrate life and your positive attitude. Have a blessed election day!

beki said...

It sounds like a fun day! I don't think I've ever been in PB Kids before, but I do love the catalog. Just last night I was cutting out pictures of things I want to make. Great inspiration!