Friday, November 03, 2006

wip friday

Where to begin...oh where to begin! This is about half of the fabric earmarked for current projects! Other projects need finishing touches (finished pics coming soon). I went to three fabric stores yesterday and was simply so overwhelmed I am going to have to go back. I have a tendency to shop with a notepad and find the patterns I like, jot them down, and wait f or them to go on sale (or get a mailer coupon). Much to my surprise all three stores had almost everything on my list on sale! This is actually much more difficult for me. I stood in front of bolts on top of bolts, contemplating which ones would go home with me. The result of this shopping trip was surprising. I came home with very little. The circus fabric for a baby blanket, the ballet fabric for Nutcracker gifts, and some Christmas fabric for gift pouches. All told, about $10. I knew I would need to go home, let all of the goodness soak in, and then go back. Wish me luck!


Elly said...

what wonderful fabrics!, very inspiring!

beki said...

Such nice fabrics! If everything I wanted went on sale at once, I'd be in stimulation overload. I'd probably have walked with nothing. It would take me more than one trip to get it all together, for sure!