Friday, November 24, 2006

two turkeys, lots of family, and a trip to the emergency room

Yes friends, you heard it right. The Wise family made its first trip into the emergency room for stitches. I've had my money on Parker being the first for quite some time now. Oh the drama. Lets start at the beginning.

Thanksgiving day couldn't have been more delightful. We were blessed with friends and family all day. Will cooked a turkey in the smoker, and I did the traditional bird in the roaster. Lovely. Food. Family. Football. Chiefs even won the game. What a perfect day. The kids played outside (70 + degrees in Kansas) most of the day. Mark Hood and Don and Marcie Davidson joined us as well. All was calm. Peaceful. Nice.

Then came today. The adrenaline started early in the day. My sister-in-law Jan, my niece Torey, and I braved Target at 6am. Good deals, but you feel a bit like a hunter. Only the strong survive the day after Thanksgiving shopping. Next came the mall. You have to hit all of the stores you need before the early bird specials expire. It really is a workout.

Then came the phone call. The phone call you never want to get when you are out without children. It was my husband. His voice was pretty frantic on the other line. I heard whimpers in the background. Heart racing. He said he had tried to stop the bleeding. That was all I needed to here. Luckily we don't live far from the mall. The poor guy was the casualty of a fight between his sisters. Something about a chair being in the way of the television. Pushing the chair back and forth and eventually onto Parker's head.

He was a trooper. The doc in the emergency room said he needed a few stitches, but she thought she would be able to use dermabond. The link says "no pain". I have to say after 20 seconds it must really sting. Poor thing.

So there it is. The girls are waiting on him hand and foot. Serious guilt. Enough drama.


mary said...

That looks like a pretty good battle wound. He can brag about that to his friends.
It was a great Thanksgiving tho. Best food ever!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Heidi~had to comment ont his one Ü Our two oldest were fighting with a Dasani water bottle earlier this year. Poor Zach, sleeping innocently on the couch gets the water bottle in the head~lots of blood and a trip to the ER~for dermabond was also in order! And the guilt of course Ü Feel your pain!

melissa said...

ouch! poor Parker- hope he feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

poor Parker...I can relate. I was hit in a fight between Susie and Jan...I still haven't recovered. Jan threw a book(shock) at Susie and of course she ducked being the great athlete that she was. And then there was me, the one who often instigated and could never miss the action of a good fight....found my self the lone victim. A book in the eye!

But I will say the guilt riden sisters taking care of me was quite pleasurable! I milked it for years!

Hope you had a great time with family! Trisha

beki said...

Oh no, poor little guy! I hope he heals quickly.

aunt jan said...

Oh, good grief! Miss Annoymous (yes, I mis-spelled that) is STILL trying to milk the 'book throwing' incident. We should never have gone back for you that time Mom left you at Grandma Tempest's!
To clarify from Abby and Morgan's perspective: they were not fighting over the chair. In fact, they were not even having a disagreement.... over the chair.
Of course, this completely contradicts their later 'discussion' where according to Abby: Morgan kicked her 35 TIMES and Abby only kicked her back 5 times. At this point, Torey and I could barely keep a straight face, so we changed the subject.
They felt really guilty while Mom/Dad/Parker were at the ER.

Anonymous said...

Let's clarify...aunt never willingly went back for me at gma's house. Only after mom realized that she left her favorite behind did she return. She missed the full of good cheer, beautiful, blue eyed ball of joy that wasn't bee bopping in the back of that old station wagon. In fact...i am sure she realized by the time she made it to Pawnee that she sorely missed great song writing ability.