Monday, November 06, 2006

productive weekend

It really was a productive weekend! The picture above is from one of the hundreds of fountains in Kansas City. I loved the vivid autumn leaves in the water. The change of the seasons in Kansas in one of my favorite parts of living here. You never really get bored with the weather because it is constantly changing. Not long before posts of snow and cold will weave into this blog.

I did get some sewing done this weekend as well. I finished up a few baby blankets that are being sent off later today and some kiddie hot/cold packs. These are made with rice and scented with eucalyptus and mint. Thought that combo might be nice for cold season. If you heat them up, the wet heat and the eucalyptus should help clear up chest tightness on the little ones. We really struggle with that during the cold months in this house.


beki said...

Do give details about the hot/cold packs. What kind of fabric do you use?

mary said...

Love the autumn leaves shot. Love this time of year.