Tuesday, May 02, 2006

what a week

I am beginning to wonder where all of my time goes. Actually I am far beyond wondering. With all three kids going in different direction with different activities 110% of the time, it can get a little overwhelming. We have dance lessons and choir practice and the ever present potty training of Parker (a futile fight up to this point). Any brilliant ideas on that? He just has less than zero interest. Dad's deployment, my upcoming surgery, and Will's crazy schedule are all just extra blips on my radar. Cooking, cleaning and lawn care. Dusting, laundry, and child care. It's easy to get overwhelmed and cranky and desperate. But then I come across a picture like this one. She looks so relaxed and peaceful. Morgan always does. She is the slowest child on the face of the earth, but I have a lot of lessons to learn from her. She takes the time to notice the bug on the flower, the picture in the book, and the fun in everything. Slowing down is good. I have the most amazing blessings. I have the opportunity to stay home and take care of all that stuff. I have the opportunity to notice and capture my children at this precious time in their lives, as long as I remember to slow down and take a lesson from a 6 year old red head.

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ke said...

this is a great picture heidi! we all need to take the time to be that relaxed!