Wednesday, May 17, 2006

rag rolled red head

Morgan and I decided to try something new a few nights ago. She took her shower and we rag rolled her hair. It was a huge success. We have to do HOURS of curling during Nutcracker, so I was suprised when she actually wanted to try these. We put them in wet, she slept in them...kinda like the good old pink rollers...and the next morning...

This is what we got. They turned out great. The tangles we always get with the pick rollers weren't an issue. The curls don't look as frizzy and she slept like a baby. We will definitely do this again. She got ons of attention in school on Tuesday because of them. I think her teacher spoils her a little anyway, but she actually called to say that she about died when she saw those little red curls bopping through her door!

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