Thursday, May 04, 2006

Corner's of my Home

I got the idea for this blog from my sister's site. This is my absolute favorite corner in my home. I should say my favorite room. It was really hard to narrow down one corner. This room is the primary reason we bought this house. I love my kitchen. Let me say it again...I LOVE my kitchen. I love the windows. I love the counterspace. I love that I can see the kids playing in the backyard. I love that my whol;e family can sit in the kitchen (they all sat on the floor of my 10x10 kitchen at the old house). I love that we can entertain without me being sucked into the black hole of the kitchen the whole time. I love that my kids can sit at the table and do their homework while I'm making dinner. Did I mention that I love my kitchen? The next step will be painting it. I think I want to paint it a light lemony green color. Will wants me to test a wall first...where is your adventure honey? I dare to say that Will's favorite corner of the house is on the other side of that table in the hearth room. The leather furniture, the fireplace, and the plasma are definitely his relaxation zone. What it really comes down to is being together. The kitchen has been the heart of the home since our grandmothers packed lunches wearing their aprons. It's definitely the heart of my family.

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