Thursday, February 08, 2007

long way from la

When you grow up in Kansas you get a lot of flack from other folks across the country for being bumpkins, or cowboys, or generally less intelligent. I beg to differ. While some folks do still farm and raise livestock, the vast many of us are just like anyone else. We love our families, work hard at our jobs, and live a pretty average lifestyle. We like cool music, we don't all wear pig tails in our hair (all of the time), and not everyone has a pet pig.

However, we are proud of our heritage. Maybe if its slower here it just means we can spend more time on what's important. Family and friends. Food and the best crafters around. Sunsets and wheat fields.

These ads were sent to me by a friend from LA. A Kansas transplant. So funny!


Amanda said...

Those are hilarious! The boy cow with the tusks, indeed! And I love wheatfields and sunsets, way more than endless highways and traffic.

kimberly said...

Too funny! Love it.

beki said...

That's funny~!