Sunday, February 11, 2007

curtains for abigail

Well, she won. Abby is now ten years old and feels as though she is in need of her own room. Abby and Morgan have been sharing a room since Parker was born. This was all fine and good until recently. Abby has taken a turn away from playing with dolls (unless she wants to), watching cartoons (unless she feels like it), and playing with her sister (unless she is bored). Morgan and Parker have hit a stride recently and decided it might be fun to share a room. We do have four bedrooms...but no one has enough guts to sleep in the basement (including mama). So all are happy about the Wise household. Abby has her own room (albeit 5 feet away from her old one) and Morgan is the boss for the first time.

And with a new room of course come new fixins. Abby and I picked out the fabric for her curtains on Saturday. Blues and browns and pinks and peaches. I want her color palette! Its still very feminine and girlie, but not too pink and fluffy. It suits her. I finished the new curtains (a bit of a dark picture...of course I can't finish a thing in daylight) and pillows and such are soon to follow. For now, I think I just like the peace that has covered my home for the past few hours. Whew!


erin said...

heidi - those are beautiful!!!! i love the color palette too. i am sure abby is over the moon about them and her new room.

mary said...

Very nice! Congrats on your own room Abby. One more step toward independence and being your own person. Love the colors.

melissa said...

lovely curtains, the colours are great! Abby is lucky to get her own room... I remember how overjoyed I was when I got my own at 15 years old. The thought of reading all night without anyone getting cross... bliss!

Stacy said...

hello fellow Kansas blogger! I'm in KC, and also participated in Quilts for the Kims.

Happy to see it warming up? :)