Friday, February 16, 2007

charlie comes to t-town

My sweet, sweet nephew (and my sister and brother-in-law) came to Topeka to see us yesterday. Oh what a day. I couldn't decide what was more amazing, how much he had grown in so few weeks or how amazing a mother my sister has become. To see that kind of special love between a mother and her son is really something to behold.

The other amazing part of this trip was seeing my own girls with this small babe. It seemed like yesterday when my ten year old was in my arms. Now...she's a baby hog! I swear...I had to pull that baby out of her arms!!! Thanks for making the trip guys.


Tracy said...

Precious....I wonder what adventures his life will hold. :)

Words from a song I love,

"For you a life, a purpose, a time...fashioned by our maker from your birth.

beki said...

So, so sweet!

Melissa said...

oh, charlie is so sweet!
And so are your girls, this is a beautiful post, heidi.

ke said...

the last picture looks like a baby holding a baby! we had a great visit- thanks for hosting!