Sunday, February 04, 2007

baby, its cold outside

Oh baby, its cold outside. We are talking middle of the afternoon, bright sun, and 5 degrees. That is cut you in half, freeze your boogies, make your eyes water...cold. The kind of cold that seeps deep into your bones. Yuck. Not my favorite time of the year.

But there are things that make it all a lot better. A new scarf (my first try at the patchwork kind with chenille) with bright colors. A sky so blue it doesn't even look real. A new coat of freshly painted sunny yellow paint on the walls. A fire and while watching Jayhawks basketball. My babes all cuddled up under one blanket, their warm little bodies making the whole room nice and toasty. Hot tea...or hot cocoa sipped from my favorite mug. Good things. The best things. Even if its cold enough to freeze your tongue to a telephone pole (anyone ever actually heard of someone doing this?). Time for some chili, cinnamon rolls, and friends. mmmmmmmmmmmmm!


erin said...

the scarf is great! and just the thought of sunny yellow walls is making me warm.

mary said...

Those walls do look pretty inviting. Can't wait to see them in person.
Also - very nice scarf.

beki said...

Nice scarf! Stay warm, my friend ;-)

Amanda said...

The scarf is wonderful too! Wow, you've been on quite the sewing blitz! I love cuddling up to Max on a cold day, he's always so toasty!