Monday, February 26, 2007

CAOK and a little ballet

I came upon this idea on Kelli's website. Its a fun idea for this time of year. I'm always looking for ways to observe the Lenten season in an original and meaningful way. So for the next forty days I am going to try to "pay it forward" a bit. Whether that means opening doors for people or just helping out a friend. Maybe a bit of crafting love for those not normally on my list. I love to think about it. Maybe you should too! For the next 40 days it would be great if we could all make that EXTRA effort to make our lives and our worlds a more peaceful place.

Speaking of peace, I truly enjoy the opportunities I have to watch my children dance. The grace and peace it has instilled in their lives is unmeasurable. Abby is getting to an age where she really feels the music and can interpret emotion into movement. It truly is an amazing thing.


Amanda said...

A wonderful idea, thanks for sharing the link!

melissa said...

i'm going to be mindful of the CAOK idea this month, too. thanks for the reminder!
And that picture of abby dancing is amazing. She looks so graceful and at peace.

African Kelli said...

LOVELY! Thank you for participating. I'm looking forward to learning more about you on your great blog!

Stephanie said...

What a nice idea! The picture is beautiful too.